Saturday, June 4, 2016


Hello! Here's a new caption for you all. It's got gender bender and technology and identity death. Its not connected to my general stories here, but none the less its a gender bender story. Enjoy.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Mercenary Change

OMG! Content! Well, here it is. another caption/story. I'm jumping around. Most of my captions are connected a bit. And this story is no exception. I joked around that the gender pills can be weaponized. Other parties are interested. And companies are experimenting with gender change as a way to win wars. Here a mercenary has subjected himself to the womanly experience and is enjoying what he sees.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Drinking Shots With My Room Mate

Two college guys are getting drunk together.  But one of them is a girl at the moment. Use your imagination to figure out what happens next.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sis's Plan

Long time no post? Sorry about that. I've had a hard time trying to write some of these captions. I think I set myself up to fail at a few of these. I set up my own universe and rules for my little stories. And now I have to follow said rules. I've seen a few of them escape out into the internet and a few of them dont make much sense outside of this blog. My fantasy captions are pretty self-contained but the ones I make here are way harder to make. But I have to keep trying. Checking the stats, I still have plenty of readers coming to my little piece of internet and reading my stuff. I hope I'm at least somewhat entertaining. So I will have more stuff coming soon okay. I just have to make these work within the contexts I've set myself up with.

Gotta keep trying.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pretend Prostitute

I got the frantic call from Mom a few days ago. My sis, Pamela was gone for far too long and Mom was getting worried that she wouldn't have enough food for Becky. Sis barely left enough money for mom to get some diapers. Looks like sis dropped her off on purpose with her. Surely my slut of a sister is off on one of her fuck-capades as I would jokingly call them. She's probably getting fucked silly by some John's or she's probably on some road trip with some traveling concert slash rock show, getting fucked some wannabe rock stars. And she left poor Becky in mom's care. I can only hope she's considerate enough to save a bit of her fuck money for her daughter. And give a few bucks to mom. But I doubt it. I think Mom's been more of a mom to Becky, than my sister.

I told Mom she got lucky I even answered the phone call. She was just about out of food and she had a tougher time with Becky staying with her. I told her I was thinking about going camping and go off the radar for a few days. She begged me not to go and to help her. She was so frantic and desperate, I had no choice but to cancel my trip. So I drove to her house instead. I brought some food from home
and a bit more things from the grocery store.  Mom explained what happened. Pretty much exactly what I thought. My slutty sister gone! And poor little Becky just stared at me with her dopey little face. She doesn't talk much, but I care for my little niece. Of course I had to help them. Mom was a little tight on money too. But did I have enough money to cover them?

After a bit of snooping and online searching on Mom's old laptop. We came to realize that little Becky qualified for some sort of food assistance program. But we couldn't go ourselves. The website needed a parent or a signed consent form to get food assistance. They were going to check on the welfare of child and there needed to be follow-up visits to keep the coupons coming. Mom remembered that in her apartment complex there were a few neighbors that were on that program. She said that those vouchers are good for few weeks worth of food. The only problem is that we had no way of getting Pamela's signature let alone finding her. We were back to square one. But we had a plan. Something was better than nothing. It was the only thing we could do given the situation.

We were stuck. Could I call a few friends and maybe have someone fake it? Mom asked me if I know someone who can fake id's? I thought about it, but doing that would've been too hard. I don't have any friends who even remotely look like Pamela. As Mom and I brainstormed, we saw a interesting mid-day news report. The so-called gender change epidemic that was going on. We've all heard about it. Everyone has. There's now a way for men to change sex. There was a news poll and the numbers were pretty high. Everyone knew someone who knew someone that's taken the dive. The tv show was pretty sensational. They were showing the before and after and the people looked quite convincing. It was a pretty trashy segment, but mom and I couldn't stop staring. We both clicked at the same time! We stared at each other and back at Becky. Somehow we knew we had our plan. It was so absurd that it really could work!

Thankfully it was easy to find those sex change pills. Since I was back home. I was still in touch with a few people back from my high school days. A guy I knew gave me Richard Wong's cel. I haven't seen him in years. Wong was scary back in high school and he's still a dangerous man now. When we were teens, he could get you any drug you wanted, legal or not. Guess he still does it now. We arranged to meet and an hour or two later, I met him in a liquor store a few blocks away. I paid the guy for a few pills. And we both went on our way.

I think the tv show got to me. Because on the way home, I felt like a criminal. Right there on my passenger seat was those pills. Ones that would change my sex. Strangely, I was a little excited too. I was going to turn into a woman! I wondered how my male body would melt away and turn into something completely different. I daydreamed nervously as I drove back home to mom's. Mom and Becky were outside playing catch with a ball as I parked my car. She looked at me and I looked down at the paper bag. Mom breathed a sigh of relief and we went back to her apartment.

We both had a long conversation. What I would do as a woman. What she could help me with once I changed. It really was new to me, since I never even remotely thought about anything else other than my gender. The whole home seemed nervous and on edge. Quiet little Becky came over to me and broke the tension. She gave me a hug only a toddler could give. "Enough wasting time!" Mom said. She opened up her pantry and threw a bottle of water to me. We both knew what had to be done. I swallowed the pill and sat on her bed. Waiting for my changes. I was going to turn into a woman just like those men on tv.

After some minutes of anxious waiting. I started feeling something. And odd sensation all over my body. It was starting. I wanted to say something, but I was too nervous. I was gesturing to her to take Becky and leave. But I knew my mom wasn't going to. Even though I was an adult, her motherly instincts kicked in. Like any concerned parent, she didn't want to leave. It looks like they were both going to have a first hand view of a man turning into a woman. My body tensed up yet all over I felt like jelly. A mix of fear and excitement swelled over me. I had to relax. So I steadied myself and started to breathe.

My face and head seemed stretchy like rubber. My blond hairs were lengthening and tugging at my scalp. My lips and chin itched. I rubbed my fingers along them and my mustache and thick stubble came right off! My skin seemed to reveal something softer underneath! Mom gasped as she saw my face morph in front of her. She said that I'm starting to look more and more like Pamela. That's good. Because that was the plan! I glanced over at a mirror hanging on the wall. I really did look like her. We always had the family resemblance. As I stared, my nose got tinier and my cheekbones changed. Now my hazel eyes started to match my sisters. That pill was working miracles.

Whatever was in that pill was working it's way through the rest of my body. I felt my shoulders and ribs and backbones pop and shrink. I was losing height. My t-shirt was feeling awfully big all of a sudden. My hips and ass then felt strange. My pants seemed too tight. I had some tight jeans on, but now they seemed to cut off my circulation. My legs felt like they were burning. I winced in pain. I shouted at my mom to help me take them off. All three of us reacted in surprise as my voice no longer sounded manly. It had a sweetly-high voice that could not be mistaken for anything other than a woman.

I flicked off my sneakers. They came off too easily. Mom grabbed my pants legs and gave them a pull. I grabbed the bed to steady myself. Hands that were not my own held onto the bed sheets, trying to get a good grip. I saw Graceful, womanly hands that I knew were mine now.

Mom tugged hard on my pants! I wiggled and swayed my hips to help the tight pants come off. There was quite a heft on bottom! Mom slipped and fell on her butt as that one last pull made my pants fly off in a different direction. Becky laughed and giggled and her grandmas' misfortune. Mom hushed her. Little Becky was feeling the excitement in the room. We all were. As mom got herself up, we both stared in awe at the feminine pair of legs that greeted us. My new legs! They were shapely and well toned. In no way did they look like a man's thick legs. These gams were sexy! I had long legs that any girl would kill for!

My excitement for my bodily changes was understandable. My whole body tingled and felt even more aroused! "Look down on your chest Gregory," mom said. I looked down like she said. Two pointy cones were poking out of my shirt. My nipples looked huge and perky! I peeked through the top of my shirt to glance down on my chest. Two growing breasts were pushing out of my chest. Bit by sexy bit, they were getting bigger. I was met by an unfamiliar jiggle as I took of my shirt. There was no mistaking my chest now. At first my chest looked like a young teen's. But minutes later they caught up to my adult body. It finally stopped expanding. My big boobs moved and jiggled with my movements. There was no hiding these two masses of flesh! They were large and in charge! Two womanly breasts were now on me! My body shivered as I gave them a squeeze and a cupping. Becky happily shouted "Mama!" at the sight of my dangling bosom.

There was soon an influx of embarrassment and shame. I know Mom was there by my side and my niece minding her own business. But I felt ashamed of my chest. I wanted to cover them up! But mom quickly re-assured me that its fine. "We're all girls here" she said reassuringly. But that was a lie. There was still one part of me that was still a man. Mom's sweet, calm voice could not stop the raging boner that was quickly protruding from my crotch.

The last bit of my male parts seemed to angrily express itself. As if jealous of the rest of my new feminine body. My tight white briefs were stretched even farther to its limit. My wide hips weren't helping. But my rising dick was in pain. I could see it struggling to maintain its proud erection. Awkward seconds seemed like an eternity. It seemed like all eyes were on my dick. Mine, Mom's and Becky's too. But as the seconds ticked by. My dick was on a losing battle. As my member was fading away, pulsing, tearing and crunching sensations were wreaking havoc on my crotch. I had to endure one more strange transformation.

My body leaned forward I winced in pain. I could hear myself saying "oh shit" as an intense pressure built up around my balls. My guess is that my balls were migrating up to their new place as ovaries. That crunching feeling must be my womb coming to life and stealing new space in my belly. My penis felt like it was imploding! For the first time in my life, I knew what it felt like to lose your dick. New folds and a girlish mound took their new home. The skin between my legs was itchy and throbbing. No doubt my pussy opening and forming itself. Finding itself a new path to my womb.

The overall feeling of jellyness faded away. My metamorphosis was complete. There was no going back now. I was on team woman now. Mom handed me the rest of the bottle of water. I looked over at Becky, she found a little toy and forgot about us. It was funny how we adults have such a hard crazy life that kids don't have to worry about. Mom told me to finally relax, but we knew that our little plot has only just begun.

As I checked my body once again on the mirror, I arched my back and pushed out my new breasts. I had long hair almost down to my butt. I saw the curves of my sides and hips, I glanced at my firm butt and toned thighs. I realized that I don't have any clothes! I cant wear my old clothes! Mom's stuff was out of the question. She was a big woman. Two maybe three XL. I asked her, what we can do. She said she'll figure something out. Mom went into her drawer and got a nightie that was still a bit too big for me. I was swimming in it! But at least the nightgown felt smooth and silky on my skin.

With no underwear on, either, I was going to have to spend the rest of the day almost nude. I felt naked and exotic walking around mom's place with only just an over sized nightgown on. I tried my best to stay cool and collected. But my breasts and pussy were easily visible through mom's borrowed clothes. My new body was tingly and sensitive. I liked it.

Mom told me to get back on the PC and get the number for the welfare office. It would sound more convincing if I called them to set up an appointment. Tell them that I was Pamela Cunningham and that I needed assistance for my daughter since I had hit hard times. In the meantime as I was calling, Mom went off into another room and I could hear her rummaging through some things.

Since mom was away in the other room, I picked up my niece, no my daughter Becky and I held her as I dialed the phone number. I stroked her hair and tickled her a bit as I was put on hold to wait for the operator. Becky didn't flinch or complain as I held her. One would think she would be confused. But she felt right at home on my lap. I'm glad little Becky is such a calm, polite little girl.

When the phone connected and I talked to the social workers, they took some information. Well, I gave them Mom's address and other basic info. They said they would take in the rest when I showed up the next day. It would usually take a few more days but they told me I was lucky (once again!) that another appointment got canceled and there was time to see us. I would get some preliminary assistance and some food vouchers that day. I was happy with their call. So far so good. Our plan was running smoothly.

I heard Mom calling me, So I walked over to the other room, Becky in tow. There laid on the guest bed was a bunch of skimpy clothes. Tiny panties, tube tops, thongs and leggings. Plus some big sexy bras. Pamela's slut gear. It was an inside joke I used to say to myself and friends. My sis has always been horny girl ever since she got all busty after puberty. And now I guess I'm going to have to wear her stuff. Since there's nothing else here at home.

I asked mom if there was anything more...'normal' But she nodded no. She said I should be so lucky to even have this much here. This was stuff she probably forgot about a long time ago. I picked up one of her bras. They were larger than mine. Although my new breasts were pretty big. Becky's dad before he went to jail, paid to get Pamela some bigger boobs. Too bad it was paid for with stolen money. When Becky's dad finally got arrested for his crimes, Pamela dumped him. And he went to jail. My sis's longest relationship ended. And she went back to her slutty ways. I don't think my sister's learned a thing.

As I stared at the skimpy clothes, I heard Mom shout, "Look Gregory! We got lucky again!" She left an old purse here! Take a peek inside!" I passed Becky over to her grandma. She stretched her arms out for her grandma to carry. A sweet kiss is heard. As I unlatched the button on sis's old purse I found some condoms and some birth control pills, cigarettes and various other prosty needs. But, sticking out in a pocket was her ID! And it was still good! It had her name on it and everything! I remember a few months back, Pamela asked me for a ride to the DMV because she lost her ID. But here it is now! I stare at the tiny picture. I think I can get away with this. I look pretty close to her picture. Mom agrees.

The rest of the day goes by uneventfully. Other than me being a woman though. I spent the rest of the day learning womanly mannerisms from my mom. I think I got it. I took a nice long bath along with little Becky. She loved splashing in the water and I had a wonderful experience getting to know my womanly body. Mine. It was strange and fulfilling being a mother. I need to talk to Pamela, set her straight. Becky is such a calm, cute little girl. As Pamela's only brother I have to scold her. She needs to take care of her daughter better.

After our little pretend mother daughter bonding, We both dried each other off and went to bed. I was back in my mom's big nightgown, and Becky had some cute little pajamas. Mom even came in and kissed us both and said good night. It was strange having to sleep in a different position, because of my new body shape, but I found a way.

Of course once Mom and Becky were asleep, I got to know myself more intimately. Something I've been wanting to do since I changed. I touched myself all over. My bed sheets shifted as I was stroking and caressing my womanly body. It was a new, totally different experience. Something I could never do as a man. It felt great. It's strange and funny. I haven't slept with a girl in a few years, but now I am a girl and getting to play with myself. I kept it secret, but in my sisters purse there was a little nubby vibrator toy. I did my best to keep quiet as I pushed the buzzy thing into my lady parts. It was amazing! The build up and the crashing high as my body spasmed in orgasm. I had to dig my face into my pillow and bite into it to keep from screaming. No wonder why my sister is such a slut. Woman's orgasms are an adventure all its own. It's after midnight and I finally doze off to sleep in a womanly afterglow. I think to myself, 'this is a far as I go with my body'

Today is the big day! Becky wakes me out of bed. She rubs her eyes. She grabs my finger and pulls me out of bed. Mom's making a simple breakfast with the little bit of food I brought the day before. We calmly eat together. Becky makes a mess, but mom says she'll clean her up. I take a quick shower. I feel refreshed and very womanly.  Mom is there waiting in the room. She wants to help me get ready. I could hear Becky playing with something over in the living room.

Mom did her best to find the most decent clothes of the bunch that was left there with her. And still that's saying a lot. Mom told me that she was sorry, and that what she picked was better than nothing. I thanked mom, and reassured her that everything will be alright.

I stared and pulled up the tiny black thong up my legs. I only hope that they were clean. I really don't know where my sis has been. My hips held up the thin string very naughty-like. A tiny patch covered up my pubes and the back rode up my butt crack. It itched something fierce right there where god split me in two. But I had to get used to it. Then came a really tiny pair of short shorts. They were wide enough for my hips but were cut off everywhere else. It really pushed out my butt. It was still quite small. But it was better than nothing. I touched the fuzzy edges of them. No pockets on them either. I guess that's what purses are for.

I couldn't believe I was thinking this, but I really wanted to try on a bra. But Pamela's cups were too big and Mom's bras were too wide, It would have looked funny wearing either of them. Mom brought out a sort of stretchy looking purple tube top. Mom says to raise my arms as she pulled it down my body. It nestles on my ribs. The fabric stretches out and contours my breasts. Further adding to my slutty ensemble. My big areolas and nipples poke through the fabric. No one will be able to look away, everyone's going to see my boobs. I get excited just thinking about it. I was starting to feel quite slutty. Just like my sis.

I still look pretty much naked, with my shorts and tube top. Mom pulls out a big, soft, dark, sweater. It was over in her closet. I put my arms through the holes. It's two sizes too big, but I guess it will do the job. I roll up the sleeves just a bit. I look frail and tiny inside mom's over sized sweater. Further adding to my prosty look, Mom grabbed some blue leggings. The morning was still chilly and I felt it. She grabbed one and bunched it up, almost looking like a ball. But she told me how to put it on. I was going to put my toes through them and gently pull them up as far as they can go. They both settled between my knees and thighs. Mom gave me a pair of shiny silver heels to wear. It made me feel taller. My legs looked damn hot and sexy. I think I'm becoming a leg guy. As seeing my own legs with these big socks is just turning me on. Over and over again, I mumble to myself, 'its just pretend, do it for your niece' it helps a bit, but not much. My pussy tingles and twitches as my brain goes crazy with all this stimulus.

Mom led me over to her make-up drawer and mirror. I took small steps, since I've never worn heels before. But I think I'm a quick learner. I could hear my mom chatting away. I would nod an reply in short words. I was quiet and aloof. But deep inside I was in a sexy daze. I just knew I looked hotter than my sister. I was giddy and felt all floaty. It felt so wrong yet seemed so right. At least Mom didn't go crazy with the make up. I've seen Pamela cake it on herself. Mom put a bit of powdery stuff on my cheeks, some rouge-stuff over my eyes and some funky, whitish lipstick on my mouth. Mom then proceeded to comb my hair. It was long and pretty. There seemed like there was no trace of me ever being Gregory. I really was Pamela! Even Becky called me mama when he curiously went into the room to see what we were doing.

I was strangely confident, as I stood around, waiting for Becky's turn to get dressed. I felt beautiful and sexy. I stared at myself in front of her mirror. I know I looked trashy, with what little I had. But I need to show confidence or this crazy plan isn't going to work. I looked over and saw Becky screaming. Mom did her best but Becky didn't like her hair being combed, but mom settled on some short pigtails. Little Becky is putting me back into perspective. I felt more normal again. That giddy high was still lingering, but I needed to get my shit together. But before that, a naughty thought ran through my feminine mind. I wanted to play a little prank on my mom.

I walked towards her. I swayed my hips and clanked my heels on the hard floor. "Mom," I said in my sexy voice, "Why don't I leave Becky here with you, and I go out and have some fun? I'm much more hotter than Pamela and I know I can make more money than she ever could? It would be lot more fun than going to some boring welfare office?" I did my best impression of my sister.

I saw my mom go white as a sheet! She looked like she was going to faint. Mom dropped her comb and grabbed the side of her dresser drawer and shouted, "Lord have mercy on me! I already have one promiscuous daughter what am I going to do with another one!" Becky giggled when her grandmother said that. She could tell grandma was just being playful and exaggerating! We all were. We all burst out in a fit of laughter. There was nothing else we could do. This pretend mother/daughter duo was all ready to go!

The wait for the bus was a bit awkward. Mom walked with us a few blocks so we can catch the bus. But once she left. The men waiting there with me, were staring a bit too lewdly. I pretended to avoid eye contact with them and just played a bit with Becky. The bus came and we all got aboard. I sat in the front and folded up my stroller. I looked out the window and saw the bus head closer to the subway terminal.

While I certainly could have driven to the offices, I had enough fuel in my car. There was no car seat, and the cops would surely pull me over for not having Becky safely buckled. I decided to catch the bus and subway into town. Pamela was smart enough to leave a stroller, but she left Becky's car seat at her home. Sis should think things through better, I say. I know that seemed like a good enough excuse. I'm sure a neighbor could have let us borrow a car seat. But deep inside, I just wanted an excuse to show off my body. I was still curious and wanted to know what it felt like being my sister.

As we pay for the subway pass. The machine clanks and makes a ticket. I see some security guards glancing over at me. They are pretending to look past me. But I've done that trick to when I was a man. They want a peek to see if I'm what they think I am. I'm getting oogled by more men and even a few women. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, going out in public like this. But whats done is done. My goals are set, and I'd better get them done.

After a few minutes on the train, I finally had my fill of being a pretend prostitute. Damn, these people on the train sure do have intense stares. I cant help it right now though. Women look at me with hatred and disgust and the men are undressing me with their nasty imaginations. I'm just trying to mind my business. They never met me before, but they already think I'm a slut. But I guess it doesn't help the situation with the way I look and dress. But what was cute and fun in the beginning, now feels like a chore. I've got to keep going. This is all for my niece's sake.

With only a few stops later, it's gotten steadily worse. They don't even care that I have my niece with me. I'm tense again. The nasty men just want to see what's under my panties. All I am to them is a sexy piece of meat. As the subway trolley hits a bad patch, the train jumps and shakes a bit. I can see them staring and licking their lips. They want to fuck me and see my body jiggle. Would I have been acting the same if I was in their position? I can see them whispering, but they are afraid to come over since I have Becky with me. But I'm sure one of them will be brave and stupid enough to try and ask me 'how much?'

And it's all my sisters fault. Knowing her, I think she's slept or at least fooled around with some men on the train here. If any of them come, I'll just pretend I don't know them. Which is true in a sense. I'd better keep my guard up.

I gain a new strange appreciation for my sister Pamela, she's a genuine prostitute, and I'm just an imitation. Although it was exciting pretending to be her. She's brave and stupid for choosing the life she has. I have to realize that I'm just a regular guy. When I go back to being a man I'm going to try and not be like the men I see today on this train. Need to be more respectful and human. I better be careful, this is a dangerous game. I need to be distant and aloof. It should keep them away. They like what they see because my body screams 'fuck me.' After I take Becky to get her help, I need to find more decent clothes.

Each time the train stops and new people get on and off, its geting steadily more full. Everyone's going to work or school. I can see all of them staring at my body. Men trying to brush up against me. They nervously try to stand near me and get a view of my thighs and glance down at bra-less chest. Women are gossiping in the distance over what a hardcore tramp I am. They feel pity for the little girl next to me. I can only imagine them saying how she'll probably be a tramp like her mom when she gets older.

But as much as this trip quickly turned sour. I've never felt so turned on before! I'm disgusted yet intrigued. More and more, I keep telling myself, I cant believe my sister lives like this! For a second I imagine myself doing exactly what the pervs want. I wince again in disgust. I cant have dirty, sick men touch me. I'm not my sister! I cant get caught up! I cant let my disguise take over. No matter how sexy I look and feel, I'm doing this for my niece, Becky. If I don't do this, Becky and my Mom are going have it real hard. I don't want them to starve. If I can get them a few weeks of food then this is all worth it. I cant stay a woman for too long. I still have my life to get to.

Finally, a couple leaves and a seat opens up. I push my niece on her stroller and plant myself on the subway seat. I look at my niece, Becky and she stares back at me. My niece is such a observant little girl. she's a little hesitant. She know's people are staring. Does this happen to her a lot when she's with her real mom? I relax a bit, I pick her up and give Becky a little snack from my purse. But I don't let my guard down. The conductor announces the next stop. We're almost there, we're still a few stops away. I realize now, being a woman is tough. Mom also had it hard raising the both of us. I'd better thank her tons when we get home later.

I couldn't get off the train fast enough when we got to our stop. My goal was a few blocks away, the Social services building. My stroller rattled a bit on the pavement. But Becky was enjoying the view of downtown plaza and giggled as the street pigeons flew away. I already knew what to say to the caseworkers. Mom and I planned it a bit. It should go smoothly. But now I thought about how to get home. Once the interview is finished, I should call a taxi. I don't want to take the subway back home if my appointment takes too long. Once subway trip dressed like a slut is enough for me thank you.

As I make it to the building, it's automatic doors open. Becky and I wince as the blast of air from the humming machine hits us. The place is full and I sign in to the notepad on the desk. "Wish me luck" I say to Becky. She smiles and giggles.